A series of health-related trademarks have supposedly been filed by Apple, suggesting the company is indeed set to introduce something at WWDC. The trademarks were actually filed some time ago—a few days after information on Healthbook started to hit—but they were only just discovered by MacRumors. According to their findings, Apple may have trademarked Healthbook, Health Book, HealthKit, iResearch and, oddly enough, iReasearch, which MacRumors surmises was just a typo.

None of the filings are directly linked to Apple, though MacRumors believes the circumstances surrounding the trademarks are enough to deem them Apple property. Apparently they were filed in Trinidad and Tobago, a preferred spot for early Apple filings. None of them describe any real-world applications, though they were filed under four international classes, including computer software, medical apparatus, jewelry and watches, and computer hardware and software development services.

According to an earlier report by 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman, Apple's big health kick is meant to "redefine mobile health" and fitness tracking, providing users with a Passbook-like application to keep track of their biometrics. Apple is holding an event on June 2, next Monday, where the company is expected to detail its big new initiative. We'll be there live covering the whole event.