Google-Chromecast Device

Shortly after Chromecast launched, an Android app called AllCast enabled something the dongle itself didn't allow: local streaming of music, video and photos out to your TV. Then, in August, the application stopped working after Google made changes to its software. Thankfully, with the recent public launch of its Chromecast SDK, AllCast is working again.

Google had said that it didn't purposefully break the support for AllCast local streaming, but there were fears that the company would limit folks from streaming local files direct to the Chromecast, instead pushing users to take advantage of streaming software from partners and itself, such as Netflix, Google Play Movies and more. This time, however, Google actually reached out to AllCasts's Koushik Dutta to alert him of the change, and to let him know that it should work again.

"John Affaki from the Google Chromecast team poked me 30 minutes ago to read the Chromecast support," Dutta explained on Google+. "I was going to put it off until the this weekend, but he indicated with all the existing AllCast design, it would be almost no extra code on my part. He was right. The implementation was very trivial. Took me maybe 20 minutes."

The Chromecast SDK should allow even more developers to create new and compelling use cases for the device. Hopefully we see the number of supported apps increase rapidly now. But if you've been waiting for the day to stream local media again, it's finally here.