Android users know AllCast well, and finally iOS users can get acquainted with the magical app. If you own a Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One or any of the myriad of devices that support DLNA, it's never been easier to beam content to your TV. Virtually no setup is necessary; simply download the app, pick your poison, and start enjoying your photos, videos, music and more on your TV. I'm legitimately surprised this is available in the iTunes App Store.

There are other alternatives to AllCast out there—Apple TV has AirPlay, Chromecast has Casting—but never has there been a platform so easy to use—and hardware agnostic to boot. Chances are you have a device supported by AllCast, which means you can beam content to your living room television in no time. If the experience on Android is any indication, AllCast for iOS should be pretty smooth and painless. That's what we need technology to do.

The app is being offered for free (both iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 and up), though it does offer an "AllCast Premium" option, which essentially eliminates ads, splash screens and doesn't have limits on video length.