The Xbox One’s Elite controller comes with the slick ability to have any and all actions remapped to any button on its surface. Everything is at the owner’s own discretion. This ability comes at the price tag of $149.99 on Oct. 27. However, the controller will not be alone with this ability for very long.

Those willing to hold out for a while will have the ability to remap all of the buttons on any Xbox One controller. Of course, this option comes with about half of the button choices of the highly decorated Elite controller, but Microsoft’s Director of Program Management Mike Ybarra has confirmed that the update will be coming eventually on his Twitter account.

Despite the good news, there is no telling just how long it will take for the update to sail its way onto consoles. Microsoft will be rolling out a major update for the Xbox One in November that will overhaul its functions and add a wave of  Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Maybe we’ll be seeing it then.

As for the Xbox One Elite controller, you can officially pick it up on Oct. 27. As for me, I’m trying to reduce the number of buttons on my controllers these days, not add them. Have you ever seen this latest one I am using?

NES Controller

Mmmm. So many memories. So few buttons.