In a pivot toward fully embracing EVs, Jaguar Land Rover announced that all new lines from the company will either be fully electric or hybrid starting in 2020.

The move comes just as Jaguar is getting ready to release its first all-electric vehicle in the I-PACE SUV next year. The I-PACE was first announced in 2016 with its sleek design and 90kWh battery capable of 220 miles. That’s good for 394 horsepower and 515 pound-feet of torque.

Jaguar also showed off the electric concept of its E-type Model that looks gorgeous, but it’s unclear if Jaguar will ever bring it to the mass market.

Electric vehicles are becoming more appealing to consumers as batteries are bigger and designs are a lot prettier. Nissan just revamped its Leaf EV while Chevy’s Bolt EV and Tesla’s Model 3 have become synonymous with the low-end market for EVs. Jaguar Land Rover’s cars likely won’t compete in the same sphere, but will make a worthy argument in the luxury market.

“We will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across our model range, embracing fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles,” said chief executive Ralf Speth. “The internal combustion engine is not at an end. We have to do both, we have to refine the internal combustion engine and simultaneously research and develop even more competitive petro-electric vehicles.”

Jaguar Land Rover follows the U.K. government’s ban of sales of diesel cars by 2040 with the goal to get them off the road by 2050. Jaguar Land Rover is the biggest car manufacturer in the U.K., making its embracement of EV technology very important.

Combustion engines aren’t going away any time soon, but with governments making a big push to severely cut off fossil fuel dependency, car makers like Jaguar Land Rover are responding with an even bigger push into EVs.