A few new images of HTC’s upcoming One follow up have popped up online, though the source says the device is merely an evaluation model. The hardware, however, is largely finalized, and the phone is reportedly very fast despite not being finished. “Faster than my Google Edition S4,” the original poster said. While the formerly codenamed M8 looks largely similar to the previous One, it’s supposedly a bit thinner and a little taller as well.

“Software was still buggy, Zoe didn’t work, keyboard autocorrect didn’t work,” Ron FTL said on HardForum.com. “Front camera is incredible. 4-megapixel front facing camera. Was really crisp. Didn’t get a chance to try out the dual camera but it was amazing.”

The photos themselves don’t show us anything we haven’t seen before, but it’s still enough to pique our interest. HTC’s follow up is one of the more anticipated devices in the early part of 2014, and with the Galaxy S5 already announced, HTC will have the stage to itself. However, there are suggestions Samsung could surprise us at the end of next month/early April.

HTC is scheduled to announce its new HTC One at an event on March 25, less than a month away. While the hardware changes will be a big talking point of the new handset, it’ll be exciting to see how HTC tweaks its software. We’ve seen early glimpses of that, too, but we still don’t quite have the full picture just yet. No doubt all the good information will leak out over the next month. For now, feast your eyes on the above images.