All New HTC One Gold Leak

Gold phones have been all the rage for a year or so now, and it appears that HTC will continue that trend with the All New HTC One this year.

We learned yesterday that the phone we have been referring to as the HTC M8 may actually be called the All New HTC One when it launches, and that it would be available in gray, gold and silver. Trusted mobile leaker @evleaks has posted a new picture of the device this morning in gold, furthering that color speculation.

As we can see this image matches up with the previous ones we have seen showing no physical buttons on the front, what appears to be the HTC Sense 6 UI and the dual camera lenses on the back. At this point, due to the number of leaks that all share similar traits, it appears that this is indeed what we will be seeing at the HTC event on March 25 in New York City and London. Things can always change between now and then, but it seems highly doubtful with the number of images that have turned up.

HTC needs a hit this year to keep itself afloat after several quarters of lackluster sales. Hopefully this new device will be able to help them down the road to recovery.