Ever heard of HTC’s upcoming All New One? Sure you have, because the device has fallen right into our laps thanks to numerous Internet leaks. The dual-camera flagship has been spotted so many times out in the wild you’d think it was already being sold. But it hasn’t even been announced—HTC’s event is still scheduled for March 25. We’re counting down the days, as I’d imagine HTC is doing so as well, hoping that it can just get the big unveil over with.

Ahead of next week’s event, we’re not getting any new information, or specs. That stuff we already know. What we’re getting is a look at what the device (this appears to be a dummy unit) will look like next to some of today’s most popular devices. Going down the line, we see the iPhone 5s, LG G2, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z1 and the Galaxy Note 3. The side-by-side comparison is mean to show off the HTC One’s size, slotting somewhere in the middle of the S4 and Z1.

The device will supposedly have the same screen size as the Galaxy S4, yet it looks noticeably taller (and maybe not was wide). The size likely won’t be the focus when it hits, however. In addition to the dual-camera setup, the handset is expected to sport the same aluminum design as the original HTC One, but in a variety of colors at launch. There appears to be a nice taper to the back of the All New One—it reminds me of the Moto X—which I anticipate will feel pretty excellent in the hand.

In any case, that pretty much settles what to expect at next week’s event. As if we didn’t already know. If you’ve been following the All New One’s progress closely, you likely already have an opinion on if you’re going to get it or not. So given what we know about the Galaxy S5, and what we think we know about the HTC One, which one are you going to get?