All New HTC One Verizon render

What better way to end the week than another glimpse at HTC's All New One? We've seen the device pop up on multiple occasions, so this isn't really anything new. However, the device does sport Verizon branding, so take this is official (unofficial) confirmation that the device will be available on at least two big U.S. carriers at launch. In order to stay competitive with Samsung's Galaxy S5, we'd actually expect it to be offered on T-Mobile and Sprint in addition to AT&T and Verizon, among others.

The image comes courtesy of @evleaks, showing off the familiar render we've been seeing. This one is of the brushed dark gray color, but is otherwise similar to the device we saw earlier today launching for AT&T: same look at Sense, same dual-camera, etc. That humungous Verizon stamp is still as unmistakable as ever, ensuring every bystander know exactly what carrier you represent. In addition to the dual camera arrangement, we also get confirmation that the All New One will sport a dual-LED flash.

HTC has a press conference scheduled for March 25, so we have less than a month to go until we finally find out what the company's new flagship is all about. The original One eventually made its way to all big four U.S. carriers, and that will likely be the case this year as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see the T-Mobile and Sprint renders show up in the coming days.