Nokia Lumia 830-13

Microsoft has confirmed that all Lumia smartphones currently running Windows Phone 8 will receive a Windows 10 upgrade. The software is still in early development, so Microsoft isn't offering a release date just yet — but you shouldn't let that stop you from getting super excited.

"We plan to upgrade all Windows Phone 8 devices to Windows 10 in the future," Microsoft confirmed on Twitter when asked whether the Lumia 930 would be getting a Windows 10 upgrade when the software becomes available.

The announcement will be a big relief to long-time Windows Phone users, who may have been burned by Microsoft back in 2012 when the software giant decided that handsets running Windows Phone 7 would never be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

The decision was due to a significant change in the software's kernel, which meant older hardware simply wasn't compatible with the upgrade. But despite the explanation, users were still pretty frustrated about the whole situation, and they were forced to buy a new device just to get their hands on Microsoft's latest mobile OS.

Fortunately, the software giant won't be making the same mistake a second time. In fact, it isn't just promising that flagship Lumias will be upgraded, but every Lumia currently running Windows Phone 8, which is pretty terrific.

If you're a Windows Phone fan who's due for an upgrade, then, you may want to stick with the Lumia brand if you're looking for a guaranteed upgrade when Windows 10 makes its debut.