SEGA is returning to the publisher's chair for this latest Alien effort, and a supposed source claims that it has taken the critical failure of Aliens: Colonial Marines very seriously. Gearbox Software will not be returning to the series, and of course Time Gate and Nerve Software will not be either seeing as how the failure of Colonial Marines shut them down.

Sources over at Kotaku have spilled the goods on a possible new next-gen Aliens game called Aliens: Isolation. The source claims that the series will take place while Ellen Ripley is frozen in outer space, leaving her forgotten daughter, Amanda Ripley, to fend off the universe's most dangerous menace.

SEGA has turned to The Creative Assembly to develop this latest game. The company is best known for its Total War series, meaning this will be its first trip into the shooter realm.

Aliens: Isolation will be a more subdued game. Only one alien will exist on the space station for most of the plot, and it will crawl through the vents and lockers, a promise which echoes what Colonial Marines was supposed to do. Most of the action will be focused on clones and soldiers, and melee weapons will play a larger role this time around.

SEGA had planned for this game to be revealed at E3 in June this year, but again, the negative press surrounding Colonial Marines pushed its announcement further back. No official word from SEGA has emerged yet, so consider this a rumor in the meantime. It falls in line with a recent trademark application for something called Aliens: Isolation, though.

Any interest in another Aliens game if it is done right, or does the wound from Colonial Marines still sting like acid blood?