Alien Syndrome

As long as SEGA keep cranking out these incredible 3D classics, I'll keep buying them. After its excellent bundle brought a good many Japan-exclusive arcade games to North American for the first time, the emulating wizards at M2 are already hard at work choosing the next game they wish to retool.

No, it's not Shining Force or Ristar, sadly. Instead, the team seems particularly interested in doing the arcade game Alien Syndrome, according to an interview from SEGA itself.

So rewinding a little bit, before we settled on Power Drift, we had a couple of titles to choose from for this. We talked about Alien Syndrome, Golden Axe, Turbo Out Run, and even Columns.

And in regards to being specifically asked about Alien Syndrome.

Oh that game is amazing. We did a little test on it to see how it would turn out and it was great. Although, doing every single stage would be quite an effort.

I'm not the biggest fan, but as I said, as long as SEGA keeps tapping M2 to make the spectacular blasts into the past, I'll be lining up to buy them.

Just, be sure to consider a Shining Force game before the Nintendo 3DS runs its course. I realize that an RPG would be an enormous undertaking, but it would also be a stunning feat to witness in and of itself.