Talk about self-deprecating. In its yearly financial results, SEGA has lamented the “weak” sales of The Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, pointing towards a “harsh market environment” for it coming up short of its expectations.

Wow, harsh. What were the sales figures of Alien: Isolation to warrant such criticism? 2.11 million copies across all platforms.

Really? That’s low enough to be considered “weak?” Maybe in this disgusting volatile gaming world it is, but I would be thrilled to see something like Dragon Quest hit that mark anymore. SEGA, this is a franchise that has let its fans down over and over again. I didn’t even expect it to break 1.5 million based on its poor reputation alone, but obviously, plenty of fans were willing to look past Alien’s spotty history to give this new gamble a try.

Ugh, the standards of success today just make me depressed. Maybe Alien: Isolation will be a slow burn to prosperity, kind of like the Tomb Raider reboot.

At any rate, I wasn’t a particularly big fan of Alien: Isolation, but I saw plenty of potential there for a solid sequel. I’m hoping SEGA ignores these “weak” sales and gives the formula another attempt to become something bigger and better.