A certain someone’s most anticipated game of the holiday season goes live today, and that game has itself a brand new launch trailer in turn to celebrate. After months of waiting and hype surrounding Alien: Isolation, we finally get a chance to see if The Creative Assembly’s vision can make up for all the mistakes the franchise has made in the past.

This newest trailer is much more story focused than previous ones, meaning I am only glimpsing through it to get a general feel. I am going into this game fresher than you might think, considering how often I’ve covered it over the months. I know the premise, the setting, and the gameplay hooks, but I know very little about our protagonist, her personality, and her struggles.

I want to take in this horror fest as blindly as possible while I can, and keep any reveals to a minimum. After all, this game’s hype is built on the unpredictability of its central alien, and there is nothing quite like enjoying a horror movie the first time through. I think the first Alien film is a testament to that idea.

Keep an eye out for Alien: Isolation today when the respective digital channels update their wares. You still have a few hours to get the pre-order bonus special missions based on the original classic film as well. You better get crackin’ if you are still interested.

Alien: Isolation will be available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC today.

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