Alien: Isolation is one of my biggest games of the year, and it might also be the first game I cut my teeth on with my shiny new PlayStation 4. After months of waiting and hype, SEGA has announced that the game has gone gold, and it has a brand new trailer just to rub in your face how many times you are going to die playing it.

The Alien in this game is totally unscripted, meaning the AI is always on the hunt for the sight, sound and smell of humans. It's never programmed to be in a certain area, and it's never scripted to leap out in cheap "gotcha moments." Amanda Ripley, daughter of film protagonist Ellen Ripley, is never safe while the beast could be lurking behind any door or in any vent at any given time.

Luckily for Ripley, the space station she finds herself on is loaded with clean-up crew marines and insane experimental clones. She'll be able to use these aggressive characters to distract the Alien and make her own desperate escape. Let's just hope she's quick enough… unlike in this trailer.

Alien: Isolation will launch for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on Oct. 7.

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