Aliens: Colonial Marines broke my heart. I think it broke a lot of hearts, actually. As far as science fiction horror goes, there aren’t too many franchises with quite as a beloved history as Aliens.

Alien: Isolation is Sega’s shot at redemption with the brand. This upcoming survival horror effort from Creative Assembly, the same studio that brought us Total War, is throwing out the hardened marine combat for an approach much more in line with the original film.

Today, we have fresh gameplay that shows off nearly eight minutes of the title in action. The preview comes from the folks at IGN. It looks like they’re watching a pre-recorded demo and not actually playing themselves, so keep that in mind as you check out the clip for yourself.

I’ll be honest, I’m super wary of anything carrying the Alien brand in gaming right now. This gameplay, as amazing as it looks, won’t convince me. Thank Gearbox for that.

Alien: Isolation is, however, on my radar. We’ll keep an eye out as its release approaches.