It’s easy to see where SEGA had to make cuts from this Alien: Isolation extended TV spot to make it suitable for television. Blood seeps across the floor from a dead body’s smash head, another lies crumbled in a small ball tucked away in the back of a closet. Body bags lie scattered containing the alien’s victims, and a clone leaks ooze from its skull after getting its head bashed in with an ax weapon.

Even H.R. Giger’s classic xenomorph design might be a little too terrifying for prime time television. The classic film is rated-R for a reason.

This is the world of Alien: Isolation, and from everything we’ve heard so far, The Creative Assembly and SEGA have finally got the formula right for a franchise that always seems way off the mark in terms of video games. Its gore levels are subtler than the likes of Dead Space, but still, the single indestructible monster instead of dozens of weak-kneed monsters makes all the difference.

I like Dead Space a lot, but I’m holding out for this to be the scarier of the two games.

Best of all, with a shortened version of this Alien: Isolation trailer hitting the airwaves, it means October is finally almost here! At one point, this was the highest populated month of the year in terms of big hit video games, but a mass evacuation saw most of them stumble into November or 2015. Now, we are only left with a handful of games this early in the slow holiday season.

Our first two big games of the season both come from vastly different source materials. Of course, there is Alien: Isolation, which I called one of my most anticipated game of 2014 following E3 this year, and the other is Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which I called a dark horse earlier this summer.

Only time will tell which will come out on top, and I can’t wait to play both! Alien: Isolation launches on Oct. 7 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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