It didn’t take long for SEGA to officially announce Alien: Isolation after yesterday’s Xbox Live leak. The game is now official, and SEGA has provided the first look at both the cinematics and gameplay in an announcement trailer.

As we already know, Ellen Ripley’s daughter stars in this latest attempt to bring the Alien franchise to the video game world. The sole alien chasing her will crawl through the vents and can pop out at any moment. Amanda Ripley will not have the hulking gun of a bonifide space marine to keep her safe, so by all accounts, this is the definition of survival-horror.

It’s a genre that the franchise should have tackled ages ago. The trailer suggests a much slower approach, looking more like the original film than the guns blazing sequel. Could somebody have finally found a way to subdue the series and take it back to its roots? We’ve seen all-out action before, and it doesn’t work.

The Creative Assembly, creators of the Total War, has been put on the development of this game. It will be released for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. Additional screenshots can be found in the gallery below.