Sorry, folks, it sounds like the Alien: Isolation 2 rumors were entirely bogus.

Earlier this week, the potential of a new Alien: Isolation game made waves on the internet as the Official PlayStation Magazine reported that Creative Assembly was at work on a new game.

Their rumor indicated that now that Creative Assembly was done with Halo Wars 2, they were at work on a follow-up to the beloved Alien: Isolation. The internet swooned. That swooning was in vain.

Eurogamer has it that Alien: Isolation 2 isn’t happening. Creative Assembly is at work on the prototype phase of their next project, but it won’t be here for a few years. They even indicate that the next project has nothing to do with Alien.

Who would even develop it?

Interestingly, Eurogamer‘s source pointed out that most of the Creative Assembly staff of developers who actually worked on the original Alien: Isolation no longer work at the studio. That’ll help squash some of those rumors, won’t it?

Clearly, the world is still hungry for great Alien video games. We’ll surely get them, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll come from Creative Assembly anytime soon. Stay tuned.