Last year's Alien: Covenant was supposed to be a return to the franchise's former glory. Unfortunately, Ridley Scott couldn't help himself with the whole pondering of human existence storyline through David's (Michael Fassbender) viewpoint and the movie left many fans disappointed. If you are one of these fans, the latest news of the movie will only anger you more.

Alien: Covenant was originally supposed to be a true Alien movie that led to the events of the original movie. Writer Jon Spaihts (Passengers) wrote a script under the name Alien: Engineers that bridged the gap between Prometheus and Covenant while being a direct Alien prequel by telling how the ship crash landed on LV-426, complete with the Space Jokey. The story also explored the fate of Elizabeth Shaw and David in much more in detail while following a group of explorers that sought to find the origins of mankind. Xenomorphs would make an appearance as well.

Things changed dramatically with the final version. So what led to the drastic changes? 

Ridley Scott.

The director felt as though the xenomorph character has been used one too many times and wanted to go in a different direction. That direction was David and his sociopathic ideas. First introduced as an A.I. robot in Prometheus, after being put together by Elizabeth Shaw, he kills her, conducts horrid experiments on her corpse and releases a bioweapon on the planet's inhabitants.

Making matters worse, most of David's background is not even a part of Covenant. It was released as a separate prologue before the movie hit theaters. Which is to say Scott didn't want to directly follow up Prometheus, and instead opted to loosely explore the Alien universe while maintaining the focus on the character of David, who ends up playing the villain in the movie. And he did just that, leading to another polarizing Alien movie.

With Alien: Covenant, we did get to see xenomorphs, but the point of the story was to explore David's arc. And this specific story isn't directly tied to the original Alien movie.

Scott's end goal at this point is to continue making more movies that eventually lead to the original Alien storyline set on LV-426. But with Covenant's failure at the box office, that may not happen after all, making it look like we will never get that Alien movie we've been waiting for.