Alien: Covenant has launched its first trailer, and it appears that the film series is returning to familiar ground.

Please note that the trailer contains some not safe for work language.

After the mixed reaction to Prometheus, it seems Fox felt it better to bring ‘Alien’ back into the title and to at least imply that everyone’s favorite xenomorphs are back in some form. The first trailer for Alien: Covenant certainly hits on some of the hallmarks of the overall Alien series with eggs, a face hugger, a xenomorph and lots of screaming, but Prometheus is certainly not forgotten either as we see Michael Fassbender reprising his role as David, a crashed Engineer ship and we see a quick shot of the black ooze that started all of this trouble millennia ago.

Can the Alien series return to form?

Prometheus was a mixed bag that went from great scenes to concepts that made no sense. There was enough there, however, to keep the audience curious about filling in the holes that lead to the beginning of the original Alien film. Will this film finally answer the questions about how the xenomorphs and face huggers reach their familiar form? Will we see the engineer ship crash on LV-426? We’ll find out for sure on May 19, 2017.