Usually, an ad is just an ad. Sometimes, though it’s a stroke of genius. Sometimes it’s a perfect pairing between two franchises that feel like they’re meant to be together. As Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty hop and skip from one dimension to another, assisted and hindered in equal measure by Rick’s boundless knowledge of the universe, crossovers seem like an inevitability. Thanks to the Copyright Gods, that’s not a common thing.

Enter this new ad for the upcoming movie Alien: Covenant, starring Team Szechuan themselves, Rick and Morty.

Rick wins again

If you step back from the Alien films for just a second, back from what a dangerous hunter the xenomorphs are, the truth is that the Alien films are just filled to the brim with stupid people. Corporations and corporate lackeys who think they can weaponize the xenomorphs. Scientists who touch living things without having a robot do it for them, even when it’s been determined that they do, in fact, have robots available. Marines who fire in no-fire areas.

The way the ad goes down is exactly how I’d hope and imagine a crossover like this would go, and it has me salivating for what the next season of Rick and Morty will bring.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters in just a few days on May 19, while Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim later this year.