Leading up to the release of Alien: Covenant, optimism was high that Ridley Scott had moved on from the convoluted Prometheus. That optimism quickly dissipated because the movie was a mixture of existential nonsense and idiots running around in space getting killed. This seems like a perfect movie for Screen Junkies to take a stab at with an Honest Trailer, and boy do they ever.

Note: There are spoilers ahead.

Alien: Covenant promised a return to the franchise’s sci-fi horror roots, and it partly does that when it doesn’t fall for the trap that doomed Prometheus. This is mostly because of the two-dimensional Covenant crew who are some of the biggest idiots in the world. Who aborts their missions because they heard John Denver song? Better yet, who doesn’t wear protection on a foreign planet, opens quarantined rooms with killer aliens inside and trusts a robot who clearly loves aliens? The crew of the Covenant, that’s who.

But Ridley Scott didn’t make any of these morons the protagonist, instead he focuses on androids Andrew and David, both portrayed by Michael Fassbender. All they serve in is taking the franchise to a new low that includes a minute-long scene of flute playing. How the mighty have fallen.

The list of sins Alien: Covenant committed goes on for miles, not to mention you find yourself rooting against the preposterous decisions the crew makes and the fact that key plots of the movie were delivered through a prologue on YouTube. And Ridley Scott wants to make six more of these. Screen Junkies’ final nail in the coffin for the Alien franchise occurs when they state it’s the new Terminator—started off strong but now just needs to end after many failed sequels.