BlackBerry’s bombastic Alicia Keys stunt is turning into a typical Hollywood drama, rife with “hackers” and smartphone infidelity. It seems that Keys, who was appointed Global Creative Director of BlackBerry last month, still prefers her iPhone, the very device she supposedly broke up with before signing on to become the face of BB10. Twitter for iPhone doesn’t lie.

After excising her feed of the offending Tweet, Keys updated her worried fanbase by saying her account was hacked. Hacked! Her excuse doesn’t sound credible in the least, and only highlights how incredibly pointless it is of companies and celebrities to act like they have a worthwhile relationship. She’s as much a Global Creative Director of BlackBerry as a rock is food, or some such outlandish metaphor.

So I hope other celebrities are paying attention. There’s a hacker out there with an iPhone Tweeting Drake lyrics. Maybe the worst hacking ring we’ve ever seen.