Amazon’s plan to deliver your packages by drone may be going nowhere, but over in China another company is putting those same ideas into action. E-commerce giant Alibaba announced a new drone delivery test program this week in an effort to serve its customers even faster than before.

The three-day pilot is being run through Taoboa, an online marketplace similar to eBay but operated by Alibaba. Starting Feb. 4 (today) through Feb. 6, the site will delivery a specific brand of ginger tea in just one hour using drones. Packages are limited to 340 grams, and the new service is only available in a handful of areas, including parts of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Alibaba doesn’t mention any plans to extend the drone delivery service beyond this three-day trial, though we assume the service could expand if it turns out to be a success. Then again, this could just be an attention-grabbing stunt, though either way it looks like Chinese customers will be able to get there tea delivered by drone for at least a few days.