Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant loved by millions of people, will make an appearance during the Super Bowl this Sunday. The online retailer bought airtime from NBC to showcase its digital assistant in a 90-second spot. And, because it’s the Super Bowl, Amazon included a bunch of celebrities in what’s actually a really funny advertisement.

No one ever thinks about what happens if a digital assistant goes down, but here we see Alexa losing her voice. Jeff Bezos isn’t concerned, though, since his employees have replacements lined up.

Amazon managed to pack a bunch of very different celebrities into this ad. First up is Gordon Ramsay, the fiery chef who hosts Hell’s Kitchen and The F Word. Of course, he hurls profane language at a young man who asks Alexa how a grilled cheese is made. Grammy-nominated artist Cardi B then pokes fun at a student wondering how far away Mars is.

The ad continues with actress and comedian Rebel Wilson setting the mood by dimming the lights and describing a sexual scene, making Alexa’s owner and his party guests a bit uncomfortable. Then there’s a guy who just wants to listen to some country music but Alexa, again voiced by Cardi B, decides to play “Bodak Yellow.”

Finally, we see a calmer replacement for Alexa take over. Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins lets a young woman know she cannot call her date on the Echo Spot. She gets a little nervous since Alexa’s voice is now the same as Hannibal Lecter’s. Hopkins feeds a peacock a nut, which cracks much like the date’s bones would if Hannibal was actually on the other end being held captive.

Fortunately, the original Alexa returns at the very end of the ad. Amazon’s go-to voice thanks everyone for their help, but she’s got her voice back and is ready to head back to work.