The newest spot Alexa could be taking up in your home is the lamp. Amazon announced a design reference for third-party manufacturers to aid in the development of tabletop lighting fixtures with the digital assistant inside. Just don’t expect a first-party lamp yet.

Amazon’s digital assistant wants to be on everything. More than three years ago, Alexa launched on the company’s first smart speaker. The Echo line has since expanded to include a bunch of different speakers and displays. Outside companies, too, can take advantage of Alexa’s capabilities for their own products. Alexa’s been on audio equipment, thermostats, and more.

Living spaces allow automation to thrive, so Amazon would like to focus on growing Alexa there. The design reference should allow anyone to create Alexa-powered lamps (and speakers) because they have a model to work with. Adition is the first brand to have a lamp approved by Amazon.

The lamp from Adition doesn’t appear to have a name, but it does have all of the things you’d expect from this type of product. It’s a lamp with a digital assistant at the core. So it’s basically an Echo that lights up part of a room.

You’re getting two speakers, two microphones, a full array of physical buttons for manual control, an LED light, a light ring, and a USB charging port.

A few months ago, it looked like the company had its eyes set on wearables to continue growing Alexa’s reach. Amazon is rumored to have a pair of smart glasses in development, and earlier this year the company introduced the Mobile Accessory Kit for headphones, smartwatches, and activity trackers. A bunch of third-party manufacturers have released headphones and earbuds, but there’s little happening on the smartwatch front.

The quiet reception Amazon has received from partners for Alexa on wearables must be why the focus has shifted to connected devices for the home.

Similar products should launch in the coming months. Amazon says Adition’s lamp is “an exciting example of how Alexa can be integrated into products already found in the home.” While there probably won’t be an Amazon-branded lamp launching this year, that’s certainly where it looks like the company is heading. In the meantime, Amazon is giving partners all the support they need.