If you heard a creepy laugh coming from your Alexa, it hasn’t become sentient, it was just a problem that Amazon has found a solution for.

Recent reports had surfaced that Amazon’s popular Alexa assistant had begun laughing for no reason, leading users to be creeped out and puzzled. Not sure how creepy it really could have been? Check it out for yourself.

Amazon became aware of the situation and began working on a fix. It seems that Echo units were mistakenly hearing the command “Alexa, laugh.” To counteract this issue Amazon has changed the command and the response. To now get the assistant to laugh you need to ask “Alexa, can you laugh?” and the response will now be preceded by the reply, “Sure, I can laugh,” which will then be followed by the laughter.

Trying it out on an Echo Home in our office, we can confirm that changes are indeed in place.

Hopefully this will end people being surprised by random laughter, but it does leave you to wonder how far off we are from all of these Echo devices in our homes trying to take over.