It became unofficially official earlier this year, but at Star Wars Celebration Europe this past weekend, Alden Ehrenreich was unveiled as the young Han Solo. The actor only has a few credits to his name but he’s already received tremendous buzz, particularly for his performance as Hobie Doyle in Hail, Caesar!

What’s funny is that Ehrenreich was apparently the first actor to audition for the role out of 3,000 actors. It would seem he left a lasting impression; producers were reportedly so impressed that he screen tested in the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca. I’m guessing they really liked what they saw.

It goes without saying that this is going to be the role of a lifetime for Ehrenreich, especially because he’s taking over from such a legendary actor. Does it matter that he doesn’t really look like Harrison Ford? No, it does not. Just so long that he’s confident and charismatic, he should be just fine.

You can catch Ehrenreich in Hail, Caesar! if you want an example of his acting chops. There’s been a sketchy rumor claiming we might see him cameo as Han Solo in this year’s Rogue One, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. In any case, the standalone Han Solo film is set for a summer 2018 release.