You shouldn’t drink and drive. That’s a simple rule the entire world should follow, and even if you suspect you are close to the limit, then there should be enough common sense to prevail to the point when a breathalyzer is unnecessary.

However, those who insist on pushing themselves as close to the legal limits as possible will soon be able to use their iPhone to make sure that it is safe enough for them to drive without getting busted.

Alcohoot is the world’s first smart phone breathalyzer. Easier to use than a big bulky separate device, the small reader connects to the iPhone through Bluetooth. Breathing into this tool directly sends the data through to the iPhone’s Alcohoot companion app, and judging on your age, sex, body weight and height, the results will reveal to you whether it is legal for you to drive or not.

Those who are too far under the influence can also use the app to connect them to the nearest cab service or get a map to the nearest restaurant with a payphone. I can even be used to track BAC (blood alcohol content) levels based on all their previous usages.

Alcohoot DeviceThe developers are also quick to point out that Alcohoot conforms to all FDA and Department of Transportation requirements. It has not been released yet, but it will hopefully be released soon to a $70 price tag.