Remember the Hero 2+? Alcatel OneTouch announced plans for a Cyanogen smartphone all the way back in March, but it turns out the company may have spoken too soon. The device has officially been cancelled, though the two firms still plan to release a new phone in the future.

Alcatel OneTouch’s North America chief Steve Cistulli confirmed the news earlier this week. Here’s the full statement via AndroidCentral:

ALCATEL ONETOUCH and Cyanogen, Inc. have made a mutual decision to forgo the release of the HERO 2+. At its announcement, the goal of bringing this device to market was to offer the most advanced hardware and software at an affordable price. The bar was set high and unfortunately the device does not have a clear Android 5.1 upgrade path. We therefore are committing to refocus our joint efforts on a next-generation product that can exceed the expectations of end users. Our teams remain dedicated to releasing an ALCATEL ONETOUCH device powered by Cyanogen OS, and are looking to share an update when we have more details to share.

It sounds like the Hero 2+ was actually pretty far along in its development. It’s too bad we’ll never have a chance to try it out, but if the companies couldn’t figure out how to upgrade to the current version of Android it’s probably for the better. We’re also excited to see this “next generation product,” though at this rate it could be a while before the new device ever sees the light of day.