Is Alan Wake on his way back? An eagle-eyed poster on NeoGAF noticed a trademark for Alan Wake’s Return filed in a European trademark database.

The trademark was supposedly filed by Remedy Entertainment on February 23. As someone who adored Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, I’d love for this to signal a return to the franchise now that Quantum Break is nearing release.


But really, this isn’t enough to go off of. Here are some other possibilities that don’t involve an Alan Wake sequel in development:

  • False trademark registration – we’ve seen this happen before Fallout 4 was released. Someone put a registration in for Bethesda’s game long before it was announced, alongside a variety of other hoaxes.
  • Placeholder Trademark – Companies will often register things they aren’t working on in the interest of protecting their trademark and keeping out domain squatters. Potential movie titles and sequels for things have domain names registered all the time. They’d lose the trademark before long if they did nothing with it, but it’s still possible.
  • A book, comic, or web series – Remedy has long been interested in multimedia approaches to their work, and Quantum Break is a huge shot in that arena with its embedded television show. The team clearly still has love for their flashlight-wielding author, but difficulty justifying the investment. Something a bit cheaper would allow them to continue exploring the fiction without investing years and millions into something that may be a tough sell in the bigger market.

Remedy has yet to comment, whether through official channels or Sam Lake, the developer’s creative director, on what this might or might not be. At the end of the second Alan Wake downloadable episode, Wake begins work on a book called Return, so it could definitely be a sequel, with the title itself working both as a sequel and a reference to the character’s work.

I’m excited for an Alan Wake sequel because I’ve been waiting for one since American Nightmare, but we need a bit more to go off of. It’s worth noting that Alan Wake and all there related download content will soon be available on Xbox One via backward compatibility. If you own American Nightmare, it’s already playable. Remedy released a demo they’d put together to shop around an Alan Wake sequel, but it didn’t end up getting anywhere at the time. Maybe if we’re lucky, the footage gave the sequel the public attention it needed to get greenlit – the Deadpool bump.

If Remedy comments, we’ll update this story.