A few weeks ago, Remedy Entertainment, the folks behind the Xbox 360-exclusive Alan Wake, told Joystiq that they were absolutely working on the next title in the Alan Wake franchise. However, they were quick to point out that the game they were working on was neither DLC nor Alan Wake 2. That left us, the public, puzzled.

Now, XBLAFans.com has come out and said that they've received confirmation, with screenshots, of the next Alan Wake title. According to their source, Remedy Entertainment is working on Alan Wake's Night Springs, specifically for release over the Xbox Live Arcade. Night Springs was the name of the drama show seen on televisions in Wake's gaming world. XBLAFans did not release the screenshots because, as they claim, their source requested that they were not shared.

This Night Springs notion definitely fits the bill of what Remedy may have been hinting towards. It's not expansion-based DLC like the two episodes that released for Alan Wake a few months after it launched. And it certainly isn't a traditional sequel to the events that transpired in the original title.

Given the theme of the original game, it's entirely possible that Night Springs may provide the much needed backstory to Alan Wake's world, Tom Zane and the town of Bright Falls. If you're reading those proper nouns and scratching your heads, that likely means that you never played the original title. Let this stand as a diversion from the story at hand: despite its delays and minor problems, Alan Wake is an exceptional 360 exclusive well worth your time. And that's my personal recommendation.

As always with rumors, please assume that this one is false until we hear officially from Remedy Entertainment. While there's no telling when that announcement will come, there's a chance that the XBLA exclusive could be revealed during Microsoft's E3 press conference during the first full week of June.

We'll have more information, and possibly the confirmation of this new rumor, as it comes.

[via Joystiq, source XBLAFans.com]