In addition to showing the early prototypes they’d been working on for Alan Wake 2 before switching over to Quantum Break this week, Remedy talked about the possibility of an Alan Wake re-release and where a potential Alan Wake sequel might end up.

Speaking with Polygon, Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake said that while nothing has been decided yet, there’s a possibility we could see their action horror game on Xbox One.

“I would love that to happen,” he said. “We are discussing this possibility with Microsoft.” As Microsoft published the game, it’s likely the re-release would only hit Xbox One (and presumably PC).

The sequel, though, doesn’t currently have a publisher. While Remedy has been working with Microsoft platforms exclusively since the development of Alan Wake, a change in publisher could lead future games to show up elsewhere, and the Lake says the team is “definitely not ruling anything out… nothing is set in stone at the moment.”

Alan Wake‘s episodic narrative style would suit it especially well to this kind of arrangement. While PlayStation gamers might have never played the first Alan Wake, it’s easy to imagine Remedy putting together a primer episode players could watch before they dive into Wake’s world.

Remedy needs to finish Quantum Break before they even think about Alan Wake, but let’s not pretend they don’t have our hopes up.