Street Fighter V might still have a tough road ahead of it, but at least the DLC characters are flowing. At the Red Bull Battlegrounds North American Regional Finals, Capcom teased the appearance of the game's next fighter, the one and only Akuma.

While he appears for barely a second in the teaser trailer, there can be no mistaking who Capcom is hinting at. Those battle effects, that voice, the flexing muscles, it's none other than Street Fighter's universally loved baddie, Akuma. He even has a new kanji emblazoned on his back, making a move away from his usual "heaven" decal.

The kanji on top translates into "god" and the bottom one is "man," meaning "God above man." Many take this as a sign that the Shin-Akuma metamorphosis is going play a key role in his character this time.

Akuma makes Street Fighter V cool again

Street Fighter V has had a hard time establishing itself beyond the series' normal fanbase. It needs a strong and widely known figure like Akuma to start bringing in new audiences, and the timing of this announcement couldn't be better. Akuma can reach into the mainstream as a video game icon, and he can even dip into the Tekken 7 crowd since he will now be playable in both games!

Capcom says he will be playable for the first time at the PlayStation Experience on Dec. 3.