Up-and-coming Japanese video game localization team Aksys Games is looking to keep its hot streak alive in 2013.

The company landed localization rights to Vanillaware's gorgeous 2D hack 'n slash game Muramasa Rebirth. Backing up this impressive title will be two new games that are currently unannounced for American shores.

Aksys' other current project, A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX, will be playable at the show as well. The game is a decent little run-and-gun game exclusive to XBLA.

Any idea what these two mystery games could be? I'm rattling my brain trying to recall all the cool Japanese games that have yet to be localized, but nothing fitting Aksys' bill is coming to mind. The company typically does smaller portable games and only jumps into console's to bring over Arc System Works' fighting games and hardcore SHMUPS.

Expectations are high because its previous localization effort, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Stand, walked away with a handful of rewards last year.