As has become tradition, I took a swing through Akihabara during my annual sojourn to Tokyo Game Show to take a boat-load of pictures for you to enjoy. The neighborhood has changed a lot, and a number of tourists and tourist traps have increased nearly ten-fold over the five years I’ve been going there.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the selection of goods you can buy. Video games are often in rare supply during Tokyo Game Show since retro gaming enthusiasts flock upon Super Potato and pick its offerings apart faster than a flock of vultures. However, the high-quality figurines and other toys rarely ever falter and always offer endless adventure as you look for brilliant recreations of all your favorite heroes and villains.

Mostly, the best of these are found in showcases, stores that offer private boxes for sellers who are looking to profit off of their private collections. Today’s gallery focuses mostly on these, and I promise, you’ll find more besides just Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball. They might make up a majority of the selection in these shops, but you might find a few surprises within.