Apple’s wireless charging mat might arrive very soon. The AirPower is being prepared for a release date sometime in March, according to Mac Otakara.

Both the release date and pricing remain unknown, but at least we have a better idea of when to expect the wireless charging mat. Apple announced the AirPower last year alongside the iPhone X and iPhone 8; however, it said the accessory wouldn’t be available until 2018.

The delay between Apple’s latest iPhone and the AirPower is likely due to the accessory’s complex structure. Aside from charging devices without wires, the AirPower is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously. Users will be able to fit an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods on the wireless charging mat at the same time and have power distributed evenly.

Along with Apple, Best Buy and other authorized retailers should be selling the wireless charging mat.

Multi-device charging at maximum speeds could mean the AirPower will cost in the neighborhood of $199. Apple’s given no hint at what the accessory could cost, but there’s a fair amount of advanced technology here that the current crop of wireless charging pads and mats don’t have.