Don’t expect to see Apple’s wireless charging mat anytime soon if at all.

In fact, the ambitious accessory that was announced in September 2017 might’ve been canceled. The AirPower, detailed as a multi-device wireless charger, has been removed from all areas of Apple’s website a year after it was first announced. Apple has yet to confirm anything, but the outlook isn’t so good.

The AirPower was never mentioned during the latest iPhone global debut, either. Now it’s unclear if Apple will ever release the wireless charging mat.

Since the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR are wireless charging-compatible, this fall would’ve been the perfect window to unleash the AirPower. But the Cupertino-based company has struggled to get by technical difficulties since launch. The AirPower, according to Bloomberg, gets too hot and can damage the devices it’s funneling power to. It’s most surprising that Apple has sent the AirPower into hiding.

Meanwhile, Apple’s competitors have rolled out similar accessories. Samsung, for example, created the Wireless Charger Duo to pair with the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch.

Apple did say the AirPower would be available in 2018, so maybe there’s a miracle in the works.