Apple’s AirPods are one of the most polarizing products the company has ever released. There was a lot of fervor directed at the wireless earphones upon their launch, but customers have apparently ignored the negativity and thoroughly love their AirPods.

According to a new study from Creative Strategies and Experian, Apple’s AirPods have earned a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating. Of that 98 percent, 82 percent stated they were “very satisfied.” Past Apple products like the iPhone (92 percent), iPad (92 percent) and Apple Watch (97 percent) got solid scores as well, but the AirPods topped them all.

The study followed up the satisfaction rate with a second question to see how likely owners of AirPods would be to recommend the earphones with a Net Promoter Score. Using a number metric of 0 (least likely) to 10 (extremely likely), the AirPods got a sterling score of 75. Putting that in to context, any NPS score over 50 percent is considered great and anything over 70 percent is “world class.”

Breaking down the AirPods’ impressive reception, the individual areas owners were most satisfied with were the time it took to charge them (98 percent), the design of the case (97 percent) and pairing process with the iPhone (97 percent). Interestingly enough, the worst-rated area for the AirPods was the secure fit in the ears, which still got a respectable 93 percent satisfaction rate. This has been the most contentious aspect of the AirPods to date.

Owners used words like “love” and “magic” to describe the AirPods

The study also collected the most frequently used words for AirPods by their owners. The top words used were fit, magic, sound quality, convenient, love, sound good and battery life. Those are pretty strong words to describe a pair of earphones. Sounds like Apple has hit a home run with the AirPods in customers’ eyes.