Apple is running into a lot of battery problems this year, it seems. First it was the iPhone 6s, then it was the new MacBook Pro. Now, users are saying the Apple AirPods case isn’t holding up to 24 hours of juice as promised.

Redditors are complaining about issues rather publicly, and it’s not just a single person with a problem. “I started with 100 percent level for both the buds and case yesterday, I used the buds for maybe 3 hours then put them back into the case. This morning my case is at 50 percent,” one user complained. “Seriously! This is not even close to the 24 hours. The other 2 days I used about 5 hours and the case was already down to 30 percent.”

Another user had this to say: “My case drained about 10-15 percent overnight. So the sleep time isn’t long on these for some reason. Most likely due to the fact that they may not actually “turn off”. I know some other [Bluetooth] buds I have don’t drain this quickly and can stay idle for a good month or two before dying.”

Can Apple update the AirPods case?

It’s unclear what’s causing the battery of the case to drain so quickly. Theoretically, it should be able to idle just fine and power the headphones as needed, whether they’re powered on or not. It sounds like it may be attempting to charge buds after they’re filled, which might explain the battery drain. I’m not sure, though, and I haven’t used mine enough to see similar issues. Maybe Apple needs to issue a software update to the AirPods case. Can it even do that? Apple hasn’t commented on the matter yet.