AirPlay MirroringCould two of iOS 5’s cooler features be headed to OS X? Maybe, according to 9to5mac. The blog, citing the ole “sources familiar” line, says OS X may see AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage in a future update.

One of the cooler features to hit iOS 5, at least for me, was iMessage. Similar to BBM from Blackberry, iMessage allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users running iOS 5 to communicate without needing a pesky texting plan; the messages are instead sent as data via Wi-Fi or 3G. Integrating iMessage into iChat or giving it the standalone app treatment would be a great feature for those who are constantly bouncing from phone to computer throughout the day.

Mac AirPlay Mirroring would function exactly as we’d expect: Connect your computer to an Apple TV and mirror what is being displayed on your machine’s screen. This feature, if implemented, would be a good way to push more Apple TV’s out the door, as 9to5mac rightly points out, especially for corporate and school presentations.

While the two features might seem like a no brainer for Apple, their existence has still yet to be determined. Here’s hoping we seem them sooner rather than later, it at all.

What feature from iOS 5 would you like to see on a Mac?