A subsidiary of Airbus, the company perhaps best known for its airplanes, recently used a 3D printer to print an electric motorcycle named the “Light Rider.” According to the Associated Press, the APWorks Light Rider was revealed late last week. It can travel up to 50 miles per hour and weighs just 77 pounds. If you needed any more evidence that 3D printers are amazing, there it is.

An Airbus executive, speaking with the AP, explained that 3D printing allowed the company to use a process to create a lighter, more hollow design that it couldn’t have done using traditional building processes. The company employed “tiny aluminum alloy particles,” the AP explained.

There are some limitations to the bike, of course. While it’s zippy, it also doesn’t have that much range. A rider can expect to travel about 37 miles before he or she needs to plug in for some additional juice. It’s also not cheap, with a price tag just north of $56,000. That’s a lot of cash for a bike that can’t travel very far. But you’ll be among just 50 people on the planet with such a bike, if you decide to buy one.