It's been a long time since The Matrix released, and it seems now one of its crazier fan theories finds itself in the spotlight of the internet. This theory's an older one, but it's popping up all over today. The video comes from io9.

Here's a quick refresher: The Matrix is the story about machines enslaving humanity and tricking them into living life in a virtual world while their energy powers the world of machines. The world around us is a lie, and it takes The One to break this lie down. The One, in the standard take, is Neo, played by Keanu Reeves.

Except what if it isn't? Like I said, this theory has been around for a while. The gist is this…

Agent Smith is The One, not Neo. The "villain" of the story is the son of Neo and the Oracle. Watch the video above for more. The theory is… nuts.