Microsoft has elected to resurrect one of the best RTS titles in the history of gaming. Age of Empires II is getting an HD makeover.

The only bad news coming from this announcement is that Ensemble won't be working on the series they brought to fame initially. That is, of course, since Microsoft shut Ensemble down when they launched Halo Wars several years ago.

Instead, Age of Empires II HD is being developed by Hidden Path Entertainment. That's the same Hidden Path that created Defense Grid: The Awakening back in 2008.

Age of Empires II HD is currently up for pre-order on Steam. It will sell for $19.99, but pre-ordering it now will earn you 10% off.  The game launches April 9th, but pre-orderers will be able to play it in the 5th. How's that for a double whammy of pre-order bonuses?