For the past twenty years, Mercedes Benz has refused to sell its A class subcompact sedan in the U.S. Instead, Mercedes drivers were forced to settle for the CLA, but thanks to a change of heart, the A class will soon come stateside.

During a meeting with dealers in Miami, Mercedes announced the big news. Most likely it’ll fall around the $30,000 price range, if not lower. That would put it just below the CLA in Mercedes’ line-up, which starts at $32,700 right now.

The A class was originally kept outside of U.S because it was mostly sold in a hatchback model that hasn’t been popular in the high-end luxury vehicle segment.

Mercedes unveiled concept images of the A class in a Shanghai auto show back in April that will serve as the reference model coming to the U.S. It was described as “providing an outlook of the next generation of compact vehicles and a potential new body type.” Mercedes is known for making great cars, and its design prowess in on full display with the compact sedan.

The concept sports a mean front-grill, big fenders, smooth lines and a feisty profile. It comes in the a cherry red color that really makes it pop along with sizable flashy wheels. One detail that won’t make its way to the retail version is the lighting system. which looks quite odd in the the concept images.

No details were revealed about the type of engine or the different variants (gas, turbo, diesel). Aside from making its way to the U.S. for the first time, it will also be the first A class car to be sold in China.

The A class is expected to go on sale in the U.S. in September 2018.