Despite it's age and tournament popularity, it was only after 7 years was the ultimate Super Smash Bros. Melee glitch discovered.  Originally posted on a German gaming site back in 2008, it crept its way to American shores mid 2009.  Although it was posted over years ago, there's still go to be plenty of gamers looking to take control of Master Hand.  The video above is proof the glitch is real and GameTrailers gave it a shot on their myth busting Pop-Fiction to prove it's the real deal.  So how's it done?

Whenever you encounter Master Hand in game, he occupies the third player slot.  Since Master Hand is the first character ID in the programming code, the only way to make him playable is to advance through the character select screen without actually selecting a character.  This way it defaults to the first available character ID, resulting in Master Hand.

If you've got an old Melee disc handy and you're looking to try it out, check out the walkthrough over at GameTrailers for all the specifics.  It's interesting how this one slipped through the cracks.

[Via Kotaku]