Aereo, one of the most controversial media streaming apps, is bringing its Internet-based live TV service to Detroit and the surrounding region later this month. The company announced the news today on its official website, offering a list of areas that will be covered by ZIP code and letting potential users sign up to receive a notification when they can subscribe.

Aereo works by picking up local TV broadcasts using an army of antennas and streaming the content to its app, which is available for most desktop browsers, Apple TV, Roku, iOS devices, and lands on Android next week. The service costs $8 per month, though the first month comes as a free trial period, and lets users watch TV live or record their favorite shows for later viewing.

Aereo also comes with a number of channels offering syndicated content, lifestyle programming, and kids shows. The app has faced significant pushback from the entertainment industry, which sees its service as downright theft. However, the company has already faced down its opponents in courts from NY to Utah and walked away victorious.