Aereo, a popular app that lets users stream live TV broadcasts onto mobile and set-top devices, will land on smartphones and tablets running Android 4.2 and up starting Oct. 22, the company announced recently. The app includes all six major networks and over 30 channels total, and offers both live viewing and a DVR feature.

The app, which works by streaming TV from an army of antennas to your device for as little as $8 per month, has faced significant legal push-back from broadcast networks, which claim Aereo is stealing their content and selling it to consumers at a fraction of the price. The company has already faced down the TV industry in a number of legal battles across the country, coming away victorious each time.

Aereo also made headlines after CNET's reporters were barred from reviewing the company's Roku app by the site's owner, CBS, because the network was in the midst of a legal battle with the streaming service. Here at TechnoBuffalo, we're huge fans of Aereo after using its Roku app ourselves.

There's no doubt the Android version will be great as well, especially if you're rocking a massive phablet to watch your content on.