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This is it, we’re nearing the 11th-hour of holiday gift-shopping now, and unless you’re planning to beat back the masses in a brick-and-mortar retailer this weekend, your options are getting mighty slim. It’s even smaller if shipping’s involved. Of course, almost anything’s possible if you’re willing to pony up big bucks for expedited delivery — whether you buy off a store shelf or click through an e-commerce site.

Amazon gift card2If you’re not hot on springing for all that extra cash, though, then you’ll want to consider a gift card. And Amazon — that epic purveyor of goods — may have just the thing. You already know that Amazon Gift Cards are emailable, but did you know that actual physical cards can be purchased with one-day free delivery? This could save the day for loads of procrastinators who want to give a tangible present. Choose any amount, from $10 to $2,000. If you buy one today, it will indeed arrive on Christmas Eve, promises the shopping page. If you spend a minimum of $50 on a card, you can even get a fancy gift box to go along with it.

If physical gifts aren’t a priority, then the options loosen up quite a bit. Plenty of retailers offer emailable gift cards, including Target, Best BuyiTunes or Apple Store, and GameStop. Digital Google Play gift cards are available for purchase from retailers like Walmart (which also offers its own e-cards).

Any holiday-shopping procrastinators still out there? Let us know what your last-minute tactics are in the comments.

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